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Is your riding budget limited or do you just want to get the most for your money?  Then we have something in common.   As a frugal equestrian,  I've had success as a junior hunter rider and as an adult dressage rider doing my own training.  It's challenging.  But it can be done.  The satisfaction you'll feel is huge.  In this blog I'm sharing how I've been able to progress my horses over the years, get the most satisfaction out of my passion for riding, and the most mileage out of every dollar spent. 

What's your story? I started out as an avid and successful pony hunter rider and was fortunate to win the pony Medal finals at the age of 12.  Then my parents decided to build their dream home.  My pony was sold.  I was determined to continue riding.  I worked at the barn for lessons, I did a lot of catch riding, and I learned to braid manes & tails to earn money.  By the time I was in my early-20s my focus had shifted to dressage.  I liked the challenge and precision of dressage.  I thought I was a pretty good rider. 

Have you ever had a humbling experience with your horse? When I made the transition to dressage I started riding in a monthly dressage clinic with a German Bereiter.  By the end of the first year, I realized that there were huge gaps in my riding education. Plus, it became clear that my horse was going to be a real challenge to train.  Dressage was completely unintuitive for him.   The whole situation made me realize how much I didn't know.  

Have you ever wished riding was easier? Over the years I've had so many "ah ha" moments about  training, attitude, the impact of simple things, the mental approach to riding, trusting my gut, perseverance, quality riding, and enjoying the journey. I'll be sharing them here with you to make your own riding journey more fulfilling and dare I say - easier.


Mary Beth

Hey Fellow Rider! I'm Mary Beth and I'm so glad you stopped by. I love sharing my pro braiding knowledge and getting the most satisfaction from every equestrian dollar spent.  I’m not a professional rider. Rather an amateur rider doing my own riding and training. After 20 years of attending clinics with a German Bereiter, I’m sharing some lessons learned here with you.
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