Ever read a quote that sums up exactly how you feel?  Here's mine:

The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything but they make the most of everything - by Sam Cawthorn

This quote sums up my experience with horses for the last 40 years.   It's has been the key to enjoying my passion for riding.

What can you do with your horse on your budget?  The possibilities are plentiful.   A friend recently asked me,

You don’t have a ton of money or the most talented horse but you’ve made the most progress with each of your horses over the years of anyone I know...How do you do that?”

That conversation made me realize the importance of sharing with others what I’ve learned as a frugal equestrian and amateur rider.   Your equestrian journey can be highly satisfying no matter what your budget is.  

 You won't want to miss my next post.  You'll learn how a warm-up plan can have a huge impact on your horses and your riding.  Learn how to develop one for your horse. 

In the meantime,  improve your braids & turnout score by signing up for my free video on Five Secrets For Perfect Mane Braids.  You'll get instant access to the video and my Frugal Equestrian newsletter.

All My Best,

Mary Beth

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