Find out why these are my favorite equestrain things


I'm sharing some of my Favorite Equestrian Things with you and why I love them.

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Need a blanket for your horse? A couple years ago, I purchased a Tough-1 winter blanket for my horse Dusty mainly because  of the great price - it was what I could afford at the time.  When the blanket arrived  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality construction, hardware and materials.  Three years later, I remain super impressed with this blanket! All my future blanket purchases will be Tough-1.  You can't beat the quality and the price - they are currently on sale.  To see the one I purchased click here.  I choose the royal blue color and I love it.

Composite Wide Track Stirrups...Who knew! I rode in my instructor's saddle a while back.  I was shocked to find that his composite wide track stirrups made me feel so much more secure in the saddle and my position.  My feet stayed put in them- no more slipping. I immediately bought a pair and I love them!  Funny thing is... this is the same way my instructor ended up with a pair.  Try them out!  I'm betting you'll want a pair for every saddle you own.  Click here to see a pair. 

Great Deal Alert! There's nothing like a great pair of clippers and the Andis Super 2-Speed Clipper are quiet, fast and dependable.  You can use them for trace and body clipping and you'll get a free cordless clipper when you purchase them.  Fellow equestrians are giving them a 5-star review rating. To learn more click here

Do you have some favorite equestrian things?  I would love to hear what they are and how they benefit you.  Please leave me a comment. Thanks.

Enjoy Your Ride!

Mary Beth

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