Does braiding your horse feel like a never-ending task with mediocre results? Join other passionate equestrians creating top notch braids fast on their horses after receiving braiding instruction from Mary Beth Rohaly.  Read on to learn how the knowledge they gained has impacted the turnout of their horses.  Plus, you’ll even hear what one judge had to say!

Success Story Update:  This is a photo I received from Amy Grossblat of her horse Menjo, showing their awesome turnout and button braids at a recent show.  Amy attended a braiding clinic I taught at a Michigan barn and has mastered both hunter and button braids.  She also told me that ever since the professional braiders in Arizona (where she currently lives) saw the quality of her braids, they keep threatening to recruit her to help them at the shows.  Well Done Amy!                       

Mary Beth

Success Story:  At my first dressage show I was struggling, but the judge wrote one comment I’ll never forget, “Beautiful braids!”. I had just attended a braiding clinic taught by Mary Beth Rohaly. Mary Beth’s experience as a professional braider makes her quick and effective, and the manes she braids are stunning. But the ability to transfer that knowledge to others is what makes her unique. I developed my own capability though her patient, thorough, and generous instruction. Now I never have to enter a show where my horses’ braids detract from the rest of his turn-out.

Karen Atkins, Princeton, MA

Would you like to create braids and turnout that say “Here Comes the Winner”? Learn or perfect your braiding with Mary Beth’s generous teaching, knowledge & experience. To learn more about attending or setting up a braiding clinic just click here.   Or check out the Quick Start Video Program & E-booklet here.  Get the knowledge to create the top notch turnout you & your horse deserve

Karen Atkins   

Pinceton, MA